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Let's Brunch! Tips to take your Brunch to the next level

Avocado poached egg

Sunday, funday. For most Americans, Sunday is a day of leisure and that means that they are looking to go out and enjoy the day with friends and family. So give them some solid brunch options so they come to your establishment while they are out and looking to spend so they come and spend with you. Brunch is a wildly popular meal option with younger people, and it's a 'trendy' thing to do. Plus, mimosas are pretty much standard, which means your customer sale is going to be higher than it will be for your average lunch service. In addition to mimosas, here are some food and drink options and general tips to really up your brunch game:

Bloody Mary bar. Other than mimosas, the Bloody Mary is the king of brunch drinks. Give your guests some fun options when you allow them to create their own Bloody Mary for a fixed cost with whatever toppings they choose. Different peppers, bacon garnishes, raw bar - get creative and watch your customers have fun with the most fun meal of the week. Plus, the cost per drink for a Bloody Mary bar can be higher than a regular Bloody Mary.

Mimosas. Again, brunch and mimosas go hand in hand. But you can have fun creating different mimosa options with fresh squeezed juice, different types of sparkling wine and champagne, or even mimosa pitchers for large tables. Don't be afraid to put some other fun cocktails on your menu too - Corpse Reviver, Espresso Martini - there are some great standard "breakfast" cocktail options out there. Consider offering 1/2 price on a certain type of liquor - tequila for instance - during brunch to encourage more day drinking and more liquor sales for you.

Food wise, it's good to have breakfast and lunch options: sweet and savory options. Pancakes and french toast, eggs benedict, panini, breakfast pizza, steak and eggs... offering a mix of options allows guests to choose exactly what they want. Buffet style brunch is more dated and less appealing than a regular a la carte menu. A killer burger, with an egg on it, will also be appreciated.

In terms of marketing, have fun with your brunch. Make sure to advertise it doing the week, on social media, and get the 'word of mouth' out there in a fun way. For entertainment, having a live DJ during your brunch hours can help create a fun, hip party atmosphere that will appeal to the young people who are your core brunch audience. Live jazz creates a higher end vibe and is also a great, appealing option.

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