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LED Candles are Safer

LED Candles are Safer
LED Candles are Safer

For romantic settings, the cliche is to use candles. But there are many more options than normal candles for the table.   You can choose to go for subtly illuminating tealights, or you can expand your repertoire a little bit to have flameless LED candles.  There are some candle-like solutions which come with remote controls!

One of the questions that you have to ask yourself as a restaurant owner is do you value the authenticity of having a real candle at the table over the safety of having simply an LED?  What is truly the difference?

Well, wax candles will drip the wax all over the table if you’re not careful.  They can stain your tablecloths. The longer that your patrons stay, the more likely you’re going to have a mess to clean up when they’re done with their meal. Candles have to have holders too, but many types of holders are easy to knock over. This is a fire hazard to you, your workers, the restaurant patrons, and even your business.

We suggest giving Hollowick LED Candles a try. They are flameless and also last a lot longer than the regular candles.  You can charge and recharge them without having to worry about replacing them.  In many cases, they last longer than the relationships that they’re celebrating!

You can have romantic dinners at your restaurant without having to worry about the waxy results of real candlelight.  Purists may disagree, but the soft lighting of an LED candle is just the same.

7 years ago
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