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Kitchen Checklist

Do you have a kitchen checklist? No? Well, we got just what you need!
it's important to have a checklist so that you don't forget anything! Here are some important supplies.
1. Chef's Knife - Easily one of the most versatile and useful knives there is. Having this knife in your kitchen will ease the load tremendously!
2. Broiler Pan - Cook food with precision and provide crisp browning like you get on a grill by using high, direct heat. The rack and pan that comes with your broiler encourages even cooking and allows excess juices to drain from the food.
3. Casserole Dish - Make your deep dishes in the oven and use as a serving vessel.
4. Salad Spinner - Add a sufficient amount of water to rinse your greens thoroughly than drain it quick, easy, and efficiently.
5. Commercial Fridge - Keep your food nice and cool ready to serve when needed. Store your food in a reliable fridge.
6. Baking sheet Pan - Great for baking bread rolls, pastries and flat products such as cookies, sheet cakes, Swiss rolls and pizzas!
7. Stock Pot - Ideal for cooking, boiling soups, and sauces, and even steaming vegetables, stock pots are the deep workhorses of the rangetop. Constructed from either stainless steel or aluminum for durable cookware.
8. Spatula/ Scrapper - Made of metal, plastics, wood, rubber or silicone rubber. In practice, one type of scraper is often interchanged with another or with a spatula for some of the various uses.
9. Stirring Spoon - A versatile spoon can be used for stirring sauces and soups or for mixing up batter for cakes, brownies or fudge.
10. Tong - Avoid potential food contamination by employees or customers by using the appropriate kitchen tongs to pick up food items for plating or moving food into storage containers. From heavy duty plastics to durable wood and stylish stainless steel, kitchen tongs are available in so many styles for so many applications.
11. Ladle - Ideal for portioning and serving a large variety of foods, including soup, sauces, dressings, and punch, Kitchen ladles come in a number of styles and materials. From metal to polycarbonate and silicone, serving and cooking ladles are available to accomplish many tasks in your foodservice operation.
12. Oven Mitts - Oven mitts allow your cooks and wait staff to remove hot pots and pans from the range top and from oven compartments.
13. Thermometer - Accurate thermometers are a must for monitoring temperature of foods and ingredients. Precision thermometers are manufactured to high standards and incorporate current technologies to help you keep your customers and employees safe by always telling you how hot or cold the food products are.
14. Blender - From smoothies and soups to salsa and sauces, commercial blenders can make short work of these menu items.
15. Dish Rack - Dish Racks are designed to hold as many dinner plates with ample space between them for cleaning and sanitizing chemicals to properly wash their dirty surfaces. Dish rack extenders allow the use of the same racks for different sized plates. Flatware racks can be full or half sized. Open, all-purpose racks can be used for a variety of applications.
16. Trash Bin - Trash cans are needed in all types of business, from restaurants and bars to offices and schools. They keep trash in one location, make it easier for your staff to clean, organize recyclable trash, and keep your business trash free. We offer commercial trash bins and trash cans of all shapes and styles, so you can find one that meets your needs.
Others include!
Cutting Board, Mixer, Knife Sharpener, Slicers, Oven, Sinks, Rangers
Now you are ready to get your “Kitchen” on!

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