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Kegerators: Drafting the Best

With the craft beer revolution, there has been a push for restaurant and bar owners to get on board with curating and offering the best beers in the land. You can see in the rise in popularity of beer bars across the United States. That also means an increase in refrigeration equipment!

To keep all of those wonderful hop-laden elixirs cold, you need to have excellent refrigeration systems.  Yes, our ancestors in the middle ages drank beer at room temperature. And there are some people who still love a warm brew. But we’d like to think that beer’s chilling adds to the flavor.

And, what makes the perfect refrigeration addition to any bar?

Kegerators are affectionately called that because they are refrigerators for beer kegs.  There are many sizes of kegerator, fitting one, two, and four kegs underneath the counter.

A kegerator allows you to not only store kegs but also keep the beer cold on it travel through the hoses up through the tap.  Systems of old used to have to run these hoses through and ice bin in order to have the same effect.

These draft beer miracles start out at 24 inches wide (for the one-tap mobile kegerator) to the 91-inch behemoth that takes four full kegs and will refrigerate other items on the side.

No bar owner who is serious about beer should go without a kegerator in their restaurant supply arsenal.

2014-11-22 00:00:00
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