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Keep your Kitchen from Becoming Steamy

If there is one thing that commercial dishwashers put out, it’s condensation. Dishes need hot water to get clean. Tack on booster heaters and their constant running and you’ve got a moisture problem that can easily lead to a big mold problem.

Too much moisture in the kitchen can cause equipment to corrode, or even damage the building. It’s also an invitation for mold to develop. To get rid of the extra condensation, there are a number of methods. Some dishwashers vent into existing HVAC ducts, but there is another way. A condensate hood.

Condensate hoods sit above dishwashers and collect the steam condensation from a dishwasher. A fan system sucks up the steam into the unit. Special baffles collect the water and drain it outside to a standard gutter. Condensate hoods require much less work to install than installing dedicated vents.

The major difference between hoods is their size. You need a condensate hood that is large enough to capture the amount of steam you’re generating. Your dishwasher supplier should be able to tell you how large of a condensate hood you need to keep your kitchen free from steam and mold.

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