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Keep Your Commercial Deep Fryer Busy With Anchovies

Anchovies, like liver and Brussels sprouts, are polarizing foods.  As one who adores the salty fish, it’s hard for me to watch friends and family spurn the little guys in favor of other meals.  Like most seafood, anchovies are fairly versatile – you can see the little guys showing up in your commercial deep fryer, commercial ovens, and on your salad prep tables.

In most cases, the anchovy is used as a garnish.  It doesn’t take much, actually, to get the anchovy flavor into the mix. One or two in the blender when you’re making dressing to get a suitable Caesar salad.  They’re also famously seen in many Italian dishes.

23 Anchovy Recipes from Huffington Post

  • When you’re using anchovies in your meals, it’s best to minimize the salt that it’s been packed in.  Just a little while in a bowl of water will get rid of the excess salt.
  • A little anchovy in a pot of beef stew will give the stew a little bit more depth and it will keep your guests guessing what the flavor is unless they're anchovy lovers.
  • Our favorite is to use anchovies with pasta and other fish dishes.  The boost that you’ll get is absolutely amazing. You have to be careful – it can take over the whole show.

Fried anchovies would make a delicious appetizer to your customers in an Italian restaurant.  As it’s a polarizing food, people are either going to love it or hate it, but those who love it will be customers for life.

Fried Anchovies with Salbixtada Sauce

Your customers expect you to come up with new menu items and change it up every now and again.  Why not keep your commercial deep fryer busy with some anchovies?

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