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Keep Food Out of the Sink with Takeout Containers

After your patrons have eaten the wonderful food available at your restaurant, how do they get the leftovers home? How do you keep all that extra food out of your commercial sinks and save your staff a little bit of labor? We’ve got just the answer for you: takeout containers.

As you know, we’ve been interested in getting a little greener with our restaurant supplies. Many of the take-out containers that find their way into restaurants are used for only one shot… and that one shot lands in the compost heap.

There are amazing amounts of resources spent to create takeout containers, but there are few rewards that come with using them other than the occasional recycling or composting. It still keeps the food out of the commercial sinks, of course. What about the plastic dinnerware?

An option to using the take-out containers would be to reduce the portion sizes, but that can lead to a giant hill of problems on its own. There are ways to keep the food from landing in the take-out containers.

Take out containers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they can definitely be reused for other purposes. What types of things have you used your take out containers for?

2016-01-30 00:00:00
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