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Japanese Restaurant Brings Food to Nepal

There has been some devastating damage to the country of Nepal. Thousands have been killed, many more have been injured. One man in Denver, a chef, decided that he wanted to do something about it.

Gaku Homma is the owner of Domo, a popular Japanese restaurant in Denver. He saw the wreckage and decided to do something about it, wanted to do something on his own to help, forsaking the clean sushi deli cases and the walk-in refrigerators for something more basic.

He’s brought over 150 kilos of equipment with him, self funding the trips to Nepal. He’s coordinated with the Nepal Army Rangers. All of this, he’s done by himself. When he makes his trips to bring medical supplies and other equipment, he also brings his training in Aikido.

This, he feels, brings psychological support to the people of Nepal. “The Nepali people is a… very innocent people,” he said. “Mountain-area people, most of the people, no TV, no electric.”

Stories like these are uplifting because they demonstrate what you can do, and emphasize the fact that we’re all people – we’re restaurant owners, restaurant equipment suppliers, chefs, and more. If you find yourself wanting to donate and start giving to the people with whom you feel a kinship with, then start. All it takes is a first step.

2015-07-30 00:00:00
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