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Is the cold brew trend the way to go?

It seems that the cold brew trend has been hot these last few months, no pun intended. The delectable concoction that is smooth and easy to drink but, hosts a substantial wallop of caffeine. Yes, cold brew is definitely attracting new drinks and converting old ones to love its low level bitterness, acidity and suite sweetness.

It has become all the rage, and it customers can’t seem to get enough! It is an edgey take on a true classic that has been around for so many years. Cold brew is simple, but extremely time-consuming to prepare. The process to produce a perfect cup of cold brew is to steep ground coffee in cold water for 16 hours or more and then strain it. Since it is near heated, different flavors are extracted than with a hot brew. Bitter flavors tend to be left out or reduced and acid levels are lower, while chocolate-like elements are more pronounced, making cold brew seem sweeter than others.

You are able to serve cold brew sweetened or unsweetened. It has increasing been served in kegs with nitrogen gas, this north coffee creates a creamier mouthfeel and, if dispense at high enough pressure, comes out with a head that is similar to a stout beer. Because, this coffee offers such a unique tasting experience many consumers have even started using tin their favorite late and cappuccino.

The question is though, should you serve cold brew in your establishment and is it worth the hassle? Our short answer, its only worth it if your existing customers have shown interest in you supplying the beverage. With its lengthy process it truly is not worth the hassle if you are not going to be able to sell the beverage. It is also must align with your brand, this means if you are a fast casual establishment you may want to think about an alternative menu item than cold brew.

We welcome those trying to sell cold brew and know that knew menu items are always fun. Make sure that you are able to sell it at a profitable margin, knowing that it will take 16 hours per batch or cold brew you must also realize you can’t go through it as quickly as you would with normal coffee. The great thing about cold brew coffee is that you can always try it and see if it works. If its a hit with your clients stick with it and if not find another delicious coffee delight.


2017-06-05 00:00:00
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