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Is It Too Early To End Patio Season?

While we use our patios or decks for a range of different functions and occasions, there is just one mood we want to prevail no matter the use; a state of calm relaxation. Especially after the sun goes down. Outdoor patio lighting is the most effective way to set the mood and achieve a calm and peaceful atmosphere for entertaining or for just enjoying the outdoors. Many celebrations will happen on your patio, so lighting needs to be appropriate for taking photos of important events.

Our patios create an alternative space for guests to enjoy the perfect lunch/dinner/cocktail and can become a quint essential to your restaurants ambiance. A busy deck can be a money-maker or a money pit depending on the choices that you make. We hope after reading this blog many of you have the chance to purchase the proper equipment, furnishings for your outdoor dining needs and that our tips and tricks will help your outdoor dining needs.

The biggest question about patio furniture is what should we buy? Buy Supplies for the Season: There are several reasons for this, but let us start with the obvious one: when you buy in bulk, you save money. Use last year’s estimates for the supplies that will get you through most of the season. Now it is time to buy in bulk. Whether or not your local supply salesperson is cooperative with discounts.

Your Deck or Patio Should have a Different Identity than the Indoor Restaurant: While many operators will actually give their deck or patio dining area a separate name, that is not completely necessary. But definitely give thought to the change in atmosphere from inside and out, and the change in customer expectations when dining outside.

Use Supplies and Tabletop Items that Make Sense for Outdoor Dining: If you are doing sidewalk or patio service, remember that those hard surfaces will be much harder on your glassware than the carpeted indoor dining area.

Also, remember guest want to be outside, it does not matter if you are in the north east, the deep south or even in the desert in Las Vegas. Guest enjoy being able to have the choice to dine out, it allows them to make the choice and it can really add to your bottom line.

It is also critical not to cut your season too short. Just because, there are a few days that may have a briskness in the air do not jump to the conclusion that you should end your patio season. The weather can also surprise you and we know guests decisions will always surprise you as well, so allow them to be the ones to determine if they want the patio open.

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