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InSinkErator is THE Garbage Disposal of Choice

All commercial kitchens need a good garbage disposal. Too many people waste food. In a large kitchen, there’s not enough time to scrape plates clean, and dumpster space is valuable. Pro kitchens turn to one trusted brand for their food disposal needs, InSinkErator. They invented the device back in 1927 and have been the leader in commercial food disposal units ever since.

For a standard-sized sink at a small restaurant, any unit 1 horsepower or less is enough to grind up all that extra food. But most restaurants aren’t small and more power is needed. If you need to grind all the time, InSinkErator sells units from 1 ¼ horsepower all the way to huge 10 horsepower disposals. That’s stronger than many lawnmowers! That particular unit, the SS-1000, was designed for stadium-sized crowds that need rapid disposal of food waste without filling giant dumpsters. Most restaurants won’t need anything larger than a 2 horsepower model, but we offer the big ones for our larger customers.

With InSinkErator, you’ll have the most trusted brand of garbage disposals in America working in your kitchen. Don’t settle for anything lesser. To see our complete line of InSinkErator disposals, check out our catalog page here.

2015-05-23 00:00:00
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