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Induction Buffet Tables Bring Class to your Restaurant

Are you thinking about offering a buffet to your customers? They’re either really fantastic, or they’re really awful. One feature for the higher end buffets is to have someone cooking food in the dining area at an induction buffet table.

What is more entertaining than having a show right there for your customers? You can let the chefs, usually natural showmen, ham it up with their goodies, preparing everything from spinach omelets to stir fry masterpieces. The Vollrath 7553280 is the perfect tool for making the magic.

Most stoves look like they’re out of place when they’re just slapped in the dining area. They don’t fit along with the décor, nor is there any rhyme or reason to the madness. The Induction warmers on this beautiful mahogany table give your diners a bit of elegance while they’re cooking away.

Without the flames, there are no worries about hurting the patrons or the chefs on duty. Induction works well, and to some it can appear to be magic, adding to the overall showmanship of cooking. The Vollrath induction buffet table moves around according to your needs – so you can have a different setup each day.

If you don’t want your chefs out on the floor, there’s also the ability to keep the food warm and simply bring it out. The best part, though, is the ability to blend in with the environment. Finally, a table where you can cook AND look good.

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