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Independent Convenience Stores Hold Treasure

Once upon a time, there were a lot more individual convenience stores. These would have gas and treats, but the makeup of the store was anyone’s guess. It was a pleasure to rifle through the row upon row of display refrigerators, finding just that one obscure soda that nobody else in the city had.

We’ve made our way to chain convenience stores now where everybody gets the same brand of display refrigerators, and there are no crazy things hiding in the back, no obscure items that the owner just wanted to try on a whim. It’s all regulated now, we could say. There are still some holdouts, however.

So, as you’re driving along and you notice this little rustic mom and pop convenience store, take a moment to stop in and investigate. You might be treated to the owner’s love of pickled pig’s feet and pork rinds. You might also find that they have an extensive supply of soda that isn’t necessarily run of the mill.

There’s really no telling. What we can tell you, though, is that these convenience stores and gas stations are some of the things which make up the heartland of America, the ‘something special’ that makes traveling to a place so wonderful.

2015-09-26 00:00:00
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