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Increase your Restaurant's Instagram Following

Increase your Restaurant's Instagram Following

Whether you’ve just created your restaurant’s Instagram page, or you’ve had it for years, increasing your following is always in your best interest. Using Instagram accurately can be overwhelming, especially with all the new marketing information that’s put forth daily. We’ve come up with a few quick, simple ways which you can utilize to increase your restaurant’s Instagram following and influence.

  1. High Quality Images

  Make sure the images you’re using are of the highest quality, and be strict about what you post. If you have nothing to share that day, don’t share anything. It’s best to keep the aesthetic of the page instead of crowding the content with low quality images.

2. Focus on What You Have to Offer

In addition to making sure all your images are of the highest quality, highlight the food you have to offer with quippy quotes, cool descriptions, and interesting captions. The goal is to make people want what you have to offer, and the best way to do this is to promote what you have. If you have an interesting special, make sure you post about it.

3. Follow Other Restaurants

Increase your following by following other restaurant pages. Not only will this give you inspiration about what to post, but you’ll also get follows back. Make sure you also follow all customers that follow you, and find related pages through the Explore page.

4. Personal Touch

Stick to your brand identity, and make sure you know what it is. Create a solid foundation for the content you wish to produce based on the theme of your restaurant and what you stand for. Make sure you have a solid understanding of what this is, and then create posts that fit the theme.

5. Go Behind the Scenes

Customers love to see behind the scenes action! Give a little history on the food, how it’s made, etc. so that customers have an inside look into what goes on in the restaurant. Not only will this make you more endearing to your loyal customers, but it will also create more interesting content.

There you have it! Try out those simple tricks and techniques and let us know how it goes. With a little legwork, you can increase your Instagram following in no time.

4 years ago
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