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Ice Sculpting

We’re always talking about the type of ice that should be used in drinks, but what about some other interesting ice uses? Ice sculptures are a great way to use ice in an expressive and creative way to create beautiful works of art (even if they melt within a few hours). Ice sculptures can take nearly any form, especially if you’ve hired an artist with lots of experience to create the sculpture.

These sculptures usually cost $300 and up and are becoming more and more popular as decorations for events. Ice sculptures are more often than not used as centerpieces for chilled appetizers and drinks, but companies also use them as an extravagant way to display the company logo. At the right temperature, these sculptures can last for months and for a party at room temperature, you’ll probably have a window of 2-3 hours before it begins to melt.

Depending on the size and difficulty of what is being created, ice sculptures may be made from multiple blocks of ice used together or from one block of ice. They can become extremely heavy very quickly, which is something else the artist needs to be aware of when making and transporting the sculpture to the venue.

Ice sculpting began more than 4,000 years ago with the Inuits of North America building igloos meant for shelter and survival. Several years later, the Chinese built lanterns out of ice. Building with ice has evolved from a survival tactic to a decorative purpose and now, there are many competitions and events held in the colder parts of the world to display these ice sculptures.

Ice isn’t just used to chill your drink, but also as an art form! 

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