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Ice-O-Matic Carefree Operation: the Elevation Series

    This week on the blog, we’re featuring The Elevation Series. These machines produce half cube, full cube ice and are available in air cooled or water cooled condenser types. In this post, we’ll feature a few of our favorite products, and give you a rundown on the specs of each ice machine.   

    First, the Ice-O-Matic Full Cube Ice Machine with Storage Bin. The ice that this machine produces resists melting for a long time due to the full cube size. It’s also easy to install because it only requires a 115 v electrical connection a water line in, and a drain for purged water at the end of each ice-making cycle. In addition, it has a huge storage bin for all that ice. The Full Cube Ice Machine storage bin is 30 inches wide and can hold up to 242 pounds of ice. You can purchase this product here.

    If you’re looking for a machine that produces half-cube ice, we recommend the Ice-O-Matic Air Cooled Half Cube Ice Machine with Storage Bin. This machine produces up to 313 pounds of half-sized ice every 24 hours. This type of ice is ideal for beverages, dispensing applications, and blended drinks. One of our favorite features of this machine is the molded plastic bin door to allow for easy access to ice. This product is an ideal choice for a foodservice business with a moderate ice requirement. You can check this product out here.

    If you’re looking for an Ice Maker/Bin Combo, we can’t recommend the Ice-O-Matic product line enough. We offer a full range of these products on our website from half-cube to full-cube ice, so whether you’re looking to purchase something for your home or restaurant, we’ve got you covered. Check out the full product lineup here.

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