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Ice Mishaps

Ice can easily be made the wrong way, which makes for drinks that taste, well, to put it plainly, weird—and when I say weird, I mean weird in a disgusting way! You want your ice to be made from crystal clear, clean water and to not contain any aromas from the air around it. Buying the right ice machine may help avoid these common ice mishaps! 


If your restaurant uses ice that comes from a refrigerator or freezer, it might absorb the aroma of the food around it. This makes for ice that clearly will not mix right when placed in a drink and it might even make the drink taste disgusting once the ice starts melting. Buying an ice machine will give you a machine that is completely separate from your refrigerator and freezer meaning your ice won’t absorb any surrounding food aromas.

Freezing Process

Ice that is made in a refrigerator/freezer will most likely be made to come out cloudy. Because the freezing process of a refrigerator/freezer is so quick, air gets trapped in the ice making it cloudy and less appealing to your customers. Cloudy ice is not aesthetically pleasing and looks dirty to a customer who doesn’t know the difference. Ice machines may take longer to make ice, but they produce such a high quantity that it’s a more efficient way to make and serve ice at your restaurant.

Ice is essential when making a great tasting, aesthetically pleasing drink at your restaurant, whether it’s alcoholic or not. Ice machines will make your life easier and be more efficient when serving your customers. Here are some ice machines for you to check out:!

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