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How to Save Money in your Restaurant?

We are always interested in helping restaurants cook more by saving them money. Have you considered cutting out ingredients in your restaurants or possibly arranging for less expensive substitutes? Some serious money can be saved using this method.

For instance, one restaurant in New York changed out their parsley with spinach, and nobody really seemed to notice. “Nobody has ever said a thing,” says the owner of the restaurant. This was a matter of changing out ingredients that were bought just as garnish with ingredients that were already bought.

One restaurant is changing gout the celery for fennel. The primary reason is that the costs of celery have skyrocketed, and fennel is another garnishing vegetable that doesn’t get enough love in the diner’s hearts. When the prices go up, one just has to be able to make creative substitutions.

The trick to maintaining a healthy restaurant is to keep up with the prices and make sure that you’re offering the best value to the customer. The name of the game is to keep the Moffat turbofan ovens on, of course.

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