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How to properly handle your holiday staffing needs.

As the buzz of Halloween dwindles we know in the back of our minds that the holiday season is going to be upon up sooner than later. This being said we all know the holiday season is traditionally associated with a demand for extra labor and the struggle for finding adequate seasonal help in the hospitality industry in no small feat. Owners and managers alike must come together to draft a well executed plan to achieve a larger employee ratio with the same level expertise and experience.

Just as any need, in order to evaluate and determine the proper solution to a problem, managers and owners must in a timely manner understand what they will need as far as staffing needs early in the season. Just as you do, every other restaurant in the area will be adding to their staffing levels and you will need to be ready earlier than your completion in order to attract and obtain the proper help needed to get you through the season successfully. And with the demand for the highest level of service expected across the country we know it can be difficult to find service professionals that can be an asset to your team.

Luckily, we have been in your shoes many times before and have developed a few simple rules for hiring your seasonal help.

1- Get an early start - There is no time like the present to start planning your holiday schedules, remembering that it typically takes two to three weeks to train a new service professional. To help plan your needs start interviewing new employees for seasonal help as early as late October and continuously be in contact with seasonal employees from years in the past. It is also important to note, seasonal employees may only be willing or able to work during certain times, be flexible with them especially if they are dedicated and hard workers who your guests enjoy. We have also found going to networking events, posting jobs on social media sites and even asking for referrals from current employees works well and lead you to high quality candidates.

2- Set the bar high- Never underestimate the power of a high quality service professional. When recurring even for seasonal help make sure to focus on hiring only those who will best represent your brand that you have worked so hard for. Take the time to evaluate each candidate carefully and make sure during the interview you/ your manager are asking a variety of questions that gauge new employees and their true commitment to excellent service.

3- Know your audience - You will not be able to higher to proper candidate if you do not know who they are going to serve. There are a variety of different attributes you could be looking for to service a plethora of different audiences. You may need to attract a large variety of applicants to please all those you serve but, it will be worth it and your loyal customers will thank you for it. Do not be affairs to interview numerous different types of people, you may be shocked who your customers will adore and come back to see on a weekly basis!

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