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How to Prepare for a Health Inspection pt 2

Today, we’re continuing the conversation about preparing for a health inspection.  Yesterday, we mentioned that the first impressions of your restaurant count, that hand washing was essential, and that keeping food within proper temperatures is extremely important.

Let’s extend the conversation today by talking about preparedness within the workplace.

  • Record keeping

Where a lot of places fail is in the ability to have accurate records on hand to show to the inspector.  They want to make sure that you are keeping up with the guidelines, but many restaurants are woefully underprepared when their time comes

  • Test the employees

Talk to the employees about food safety procedures and quiz them while they’re working.  Ask them if they’re keeping the right tasks and educate them if it happens that they’re not following the rules.  Health code violations are serious business.

  • Cleaning supplies

Make sure that there are no sponges used to clean the bathroom, as sponges harbor bacteria.  Have separate wiping cloths so that cross-contamination doesn’t happen.

It is possible for every restaurant to get an A on their health inspection.  All it takes is having the right restaurant supplies on hand and a willingness to make sure that you are providing the best to your customers.

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