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How to Prepare for a Health Inspection

Food safety procedures are part and parcel of the restaurant game.  Your customers must be confident that they won’t become ill upon eating your tasty treats.  One way to ensure that your restaurant is upholding its end of the bargain is to have regular health inspections.

Health inspections aren’t scheduled, which means that your restaurant needs to be prepared at any time.  One thing that more proactive restaurants do is have mock inspections where the restaurant is inspected by the managers.

How to you prepare for a health inspection?

Preparing for a health inspection is much like being prepared for a pop quiz in school.  Having the general information will help you do well, but being spot on will help you do even better.

  • First impressions count

While the health inspector is more concerned about what’s going on in the kitchen, it’s still quite important to get their perspective of the restaurant as they’re walking in.  As restaurant owners and managers, we get very tunnelvisioned, and the outside perspective will do people good.

  • Talk about hand washing

When it comes to food safety, hand washing is one of the easiest ways to eliminate the germs which can develop on our hands.  Following that up with a sanitizer adds a little extra insurance.

  • Temperatures

When you read about health inspection violations from any city, some of the most common violations that you’ll see revolve around improper temperatures.  These types of issues are sometimes tricky to solve, as they require repairs, but are definitely solvable.

We’ll talk a little more about preparing for health inspections in our post tomorrow, where we’ll talk about what you can do as well as offering up some resources.  Stay tuned.

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