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How to Market Your Restaurant to Baby Boomers

Baby Boomer Pop Culture Collage

Marketing to millennials seems to be the major focus these days, but a lot of people are overlooking their restaurant's older demographic. There are over 70 million baby boomers in America, and guess what...they love to go out to eat! Not only do baby boomers have a more disposible income than younger generations, but they are loyal customers to restaurants they trust.

Who Are The Baby Boomers?

Baby boomers were raised post World War II, and were born between 1946-1964. Today, they average between the ages of 53 and 71. In general they prefer substance, over flashy trends, and are a harder sell. "Limited time offer" promotions don't really appeal to them. If you want to market your restaurant to baby boomers, you must not only understand their language, you have to speak it too.

Below are three tips to help you expand your customers!

1) Don't Call Them Old

Labeling anyone over the age of 50 as "old", is your first offense. That is the quickiest way to turn away this demographic. Life after 50, are some of the best years for people. They focus on enjoying their free time and living a healthy lifestyle. Promote what matters to them. Try offering healthy menu-options, and create events that they'll enjoy, like a cooking class!

2) Blast to The Past

Play the nostalgia card, and you'll be pulling at your customers' heart strings. Connecting your brand with symbols, images and references from someone's youth is a very effective emotional trigger. The gold old days were the 70's and 80's for baby boomers. Research the pop culture of these eras, and try creating vintage menus, a theme night in the bar, or create a brunch accompanied by oldies music. 

3) Market What They Care About

So what do baby boomers care about? Here are a couple things that will make them give your restaurant a second look. 

The Grandkids

We've all seen grandparents light up with pride and joy when they see or even talk about their grandkids. Hosting fun events that allow them to spend time with their grandkids is a great way to bring them in. How about an afternoon tea party for grandma and her granddaughters? Or a fun ice cream sundae party?

Healthy Living

As we age many of us experience a wake-up call to start living a healthier lifestyle. Trends like the paleo and keto diet are becoming very popular amongst this demographic. The trick is to not use workds like "diet" because, nobody wants to feel like they have to diet when they're out to eat. It's supposed to be an enjoyable experience. Instead, use phrases like "keto friendly", "GMO free", "whole grains" or "heart healthy".


According to Technomic, this generation spends more of their restaurnt dollars on breakfast than any other demographic. Introduce new flavors to them, and put a spin on their favorite classics. Don't forget to offer some healthy options too!

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