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How to Make Brownies in a Convection Oven

When I was younger and more adventurous, we used to go to the Harrah’s Cherokee Hotel and Casino.  It was close to home, perhaps only a 2-3 hour drive, and it was the closest thing that we could get to ‘real’ gambling in the area.  Usually, these trips were poorly planned, but we always made every effort to get there before the Sweet Stop closed.

There’s nothing like a good fudge brownie at the end of a long trip and the beginning of a very long night (I *still* have a bone to pick with those penny slots), and the reminiscing hasn’t stopped with age.  Being that today’s Cream Cheese Brownie Day, I’ve been thinking about recipes.

Baking brownies in a convection oven is very similar to baking brownies in a standard oven.  There are a couple of major differences, however.

  • Heat the brownies to 300 degrees instead of 325 since the convection process is more energy efficient than the standard method.
  • You’re not going to get ‘crusty’ brownies, which is caused by the uneven heating that happens in standard ovens.

Other than that, you’re good to go with cooking brownies in your convection oven.  Now, you’re most likely going to need some recipes to cook your brownie delight.  We’ve gathered a few brownie recipes together for you to experiment with.

Try it out with your family and friends before going to the big time.  Don’t forget that brownies go great with soft serve ice cream, too.

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