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How to Maintain a Restaurant Blog

If done correctly, a restaurant blog will drive traffic to your restaurant’s website and your restaurant. This traffic can turn into online orders, delivery orders, and motivate people to actually visit your restaurant. You might find that you’re not entirely certain what content you would put out on your blog, but we’ve got some tips for you:

Frequently Asked Questions

If there are frequently asked questions that you hear all day long from customers, you can create a blog post that answers them. Put the answers in your blog because chances are if people are discussing them at your restaurant, people are talking about them online.

New Menu Items

There are probably fan favorite menu items that always entice your guests, but people love to be aware of your new menu items. Craft a blog posts that highlights your new menu items with their ingredients and the stories and inspirations behind the new menu items.


Blog posts are the perfect place to post about any events that you’re hosting. Make sure to highlight charitable tie-ins and share the pertinent information that people need to be able to visit your restaurant for the event.

Feature Stories

Use your blog to do a feature story on employee or customer of the month. Customers will be happy that you took the time to show you care and want to share it with their friends and family. For employee feature stories, you can ask them a few in demand questions that highlight their character and make sure to ask them their favorite dish on the menu.

Restaurant blogs are sure to benefit your restaurant and provide people with extra information about your restaurant. You can craft blog posts about anything you deem important to your restaurant including events, important information, your employees, and your customers.

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