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How to keep your staff happy during the holidays

The holiday’s are approaching, whether you want to admit it or not. Most of us are focused on decking the halls and spreading joy to all of our guests. But, if you are going to make it a memorable holiday season for all of your guests you must start with your staff members and have their happiness trickle all the way down to the guest level. You are are able to spread this joy through holiday parties, special perks or flexible time off.

You are able to reward- and retain- staff during the most “happiest” time of the year by using a few of these tips!

1. Create schedules with family and friends in mind - Try to the best of your ability to schedule everyone so that they’re able to get some time to spend with family and friends. It helps make your staffs morale stay high and it makes them feel that you do truly care for them and their life outside of the restaurant. This will in turn lower the stress of the staff during the holidays an will create a relaxed environment.

2. Rearrange retail and bulk up staff - This is simple, it means that your want to the best of your ability not to schedule staff members on numerous doubles. This allows them to stay cool and collective during each shift. Of course there are always those who like doubles and if they want to work and are an asset to your team while they are their then actually scheduling them will have the same affect.

3. Have fun with uniforms - Be lighthearted, fun and allow your employees to wear their own take on “holiday uniforms”.

4. Throw a party - Host a holiday party, if possible it is best to host after the holidays and NYE because, we know how busy we all are. The party doesn’t have to be over the top by any means but, letting your staff know you care and appreciate them goes a long way with your staff!

5. Set a fun work goal - Create a fun and engaging service or marketing challenge. You can run a contents on wine, an appetizer or who can get the most likes on their personal social media that references the establishment. Keep it fun and reward the winner!

6. Invite staff to participate in the community - Provide opportunities for your employees to volunteer within the community. It truly makes your staff members feel important and appreciated.

7. Help them blow off steam - Identify various health and fitness opportunities to help relieve the stress of working for a busy restaurant. This can include spin classes, running clubs or team sports.

8. Consider closing for a day or two - Closing for two days during the holiday season that allows your staff members to spend time with their families. It makes them feel that you care more than just making money. When you are willing to sacrifice making money to allow family time you will find a much happier and appreciative staff.

The most important thing to remember is that the holiday season can be stressful to everyone. It can be fun but, it takes time and effort from managers, owners and staff members. Work with your staff to create a memorable and happy season!

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