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How to Increase Morale and Build Community with Your Staff

As important as a good menu, great atmosphere, and loyal customers are to the success of your restaurant, your staff is equally important. Management can be the most difficult part of owning a restaurant, and we understand it’s not all fun and games. Everyone wants to retain staff members, but most do not go out of their way to build comradery and community. Use these quick pointers as you plan your next training session or get together to make sure that everyone is on the same page.

  1. Positivity goes a long way.

                 Simply put, positivity is underrated. While being overly positive can be irritating and have a negative effect, a balance exists!  Your goal is to pump up your staff, not bring them down. You don’t want to highlight all of their shortcomings or be negative during their shift.  

2. Praise, praise, praise

            A little praise can make someone’s day, and it can be as simple as a, “good job!” Notice the little things your staff is excelling at, and make sure that you compliment them for it.

3. Get your hands dirty

       When things are getting hectic, jump in and help out! No matter what the task, you shouldn’t be above it just because you’re in charge. Helping out with bussing tables, cleaning off dishes, or checking people in can help your staff immensely when things are busy, and they will appreciate you for it.
4. Plan a fun outing

     Treat your staff to a fun afternoon, and plan something fun after work or on the weekend! Even if everyone can’t make it at the same time, they’ll appreciate the effort.

5. Feed your crew

    A well-fed team is a happy team. Make sure that you’re offering one free meal per shift, or discounted items for team members. It’s a win-win because the more they eat the food, the more they will like the food, and the more likely they will be to recommend the food. Plus, no one works well when they’re hungry!

In summary, make sure the environment you’re creating matches the environment you want the customer to experience. A stressed out staff will make the customers feel stressed, whereas a happy staff will keep them coming back.

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