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How to Fight the Restaurant Blues with Charity

What is the slowest day of the week for you? Is there a day where you want to be washing more dishes in your commercial sinks? One restaurant has decided that they want to do something to combat their own restaurant blues.

Congress Squared in Portland wants to bring more guests in on Monday nights with their promotion of Mondays Matter. They have pledged to donate at least five percent of the food sales over to a nonprofit organization.

“Our hope is locals will be able to come in and enjoy a dining experience and know that five percent of what they’re spending that day will go back to a cause that’s close to our heart, but hopefully close to theirs, as well,” says the restaurant’s director.

This is one way to get people to think about coming to the restaurant and to serve a good cause in the process. Another way that restaurant owners entice people to come in is by offering musical acts and other events on the slower days. Still others offer deep discounts that people are simply compelled to step into restaurants and keep the commercial sinks full.

What ideas do you have for keeping your restaurant hopping?

2016-02-05 00:00:00
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