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How to create loyal customers

We all have been in certain moments in our restaurants life cycle where we are no longer the new kid on on the block but, we we are not the oldie that has a long standing reputation that keeps guests coming back and back. It is extremely difficult to identify what makes consumers loyal and know precisely what persuades your guests to continuously visit your establishment and become those loyal customers that everyone wants!

Recent polls have evaluated what exactly motivates repeat visits and what was discovered was that complimentary extras and preferred seating topped the list. These two simple actions persuades guests to become loyal and enhance their experiences to the point they want continuously come back again and again. Using your establishments reservation system you are able to code and note guests favorite drinks/ menus items and table preferences. These notes will allow your employees to seat guests where they truly enjoy sitting and allow your manager on duty to send out their favorite cocktail/ dessert when deemed appropriate.

These guest notes make your guests believe and have the impression that you pay attention and remember their preferences and habits. In the old days prior to the systems such as Open Table and Toast maitre d’s would catalogue this information and help make guests feel important. These notes heighten service and increase repeat visits, enhance word-of mouth recommendations and improve online reviews.

When detailed notes are not available on a new guests you can also send out the strategic amuse-buce and between- course sorbet palate cleanser. These tactics allow you to extend the length of time guests are in your establishment and the number of impressions your guests receive during a single visit.

If you wish to extend a warm welcome to your guests on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries personally invite them into the restaurant to celebrate and offer a complimentary birthday meal, bottle of wine or a simples desserts. Yes, it may cost you a little bit of money but, it will be writ it and those guests will come back sooner than later.

If you offer special events in your establishment, call/ text/ email your top guests about VIP event or menu specials. If they are a true VIP they want to know about what is new and going on. Chances are they are spending a lot of time/ money in your restaurant and you need to take the time to make them feel important.

All in all, it does take a little bit of time to create loyal customers. It does not happen over night and you must know that you can not win all guests into being loyal customers. But, if you take the time to know your guests they more likely they will like you!

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