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How to Clean Your Griddle

Adding a griddle to your kitchen will make it more appealing and give you the opportunity to make your menu more diverse. Regardless of how often you use the griddle, cleaning it the right way is important. Here are some steps to clean your griddle the correct way:

Non-Chromium Surface

  1. Use a Grill Scraper

Remove excess food and grease with your grill scraper and scrape it into the waste drawer. 

  1. Griddle Brick

If a grill scraper isn't getting those all of the debris off your griddle, use a griddle brick while the surface is still warm to wipe away debris. Make sure to rub in the direction of the grain so you don’t ruin the stainless steel surface.

  1. Empty Waste Drawer

At the end of every day you should be emptying, washing, and sanitizing your waste drawer.

  1. Clean Surface

Once a week you should unplug the griddle and clean it after it cools completely. Use non-abrasive griddle cleaner and then thoroughly rinse with water.

  1. Re-season Surface

After its weekly cleaning, you should apply a thin layer of cooking oil, which aids in preventing rusting.

Chromium Surface

  1. Scraper

After every use, use a scraper to remove the excess grease and food debris.

  1. Clean Surface

At the end of the day, clean the surface with a mixture of mild soap and water. Then wipe down the surface with a wet cloth.

On chrome surfaces, never use pumice or griddle stones, sharp spatulas, steel wool, or liquid grill cleaner to clean your griddle. 

Adding a griddle to your restaurant can help you diversify your menu and help you offer some variety to your customers. Taking proper care of your griddle is essential in keeping it running properly.

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