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How to Clean Your Commercial Teppanyaki Griddle

Commercial teppanyaki griddles need regular cleaning to avoid burned smells and buildup on the surface. When patrons order something griddled, they expect a clean surface! Here are our best practices for cleaning the grill.

Step One: Check the Traps

Most stoves of this type have traps to collect grease and food particles. If these are full, you’ll have a bigger mess on your hands later if you keep cleaning the griddle and don’t dump them. If the traps are full, clean those first. Check for clogs too while you’re down there.

Step Two: Reduce Heat, if Necessary

It can be very dangerous to clean a griddle while it’s running at high heat. If you can, turn the temperature down so you don’t have to worry about burning your arm while you’re scraping it clean. If this isn’t possible, try to use tools that allow you to clean the griddle while keeping your arms and sleeves away from the hot surface.

Step Three: Apply Your High Temp Cleaner

Most teppanyaki griddles use a high-temp cleaner for deep cleaning. Following the instructions on the bottle, spray the top of your grill with the cleaner, then use a brush in a circular motion around the grill. For stubborn spots, use more elbow grease rather than more cleaner. Rinse if necessary.

Step Four: Put Your Grease Traps Back and Turn Up the Heat

Once you’ve finished with cleaning down the surface of your grill, it’s time to put everything back and get back to business. Reseat the grease traps, put the cleaner and brushes away, and turn up the heat once more.  You’re ready to rock and roll!

Pro Tips:

  • Lemon juice and vinegar work as high heat cleaners, and may be the best option for very busy grills.
  • Depending on volume, fully clean your griddle at least once a day.
  • Always read the manual for your equipment and the instructions for your cleaners.  There’s useful information in there.

Keeping your commercial teppanyaki griddle clean will prolong its life and keep you making all types of things for years to come.

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