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How to Choose Flatware

Flatware may seem like a pretty easy thing to buy. It’s just a matter of getting the right pattern and having everything match right? There’s actually more to it than that! The material it is made out of and how it is constructed are also big factors that determine the quality.

Flatware is normally made of stainless steel, since true silverware will tarnish easily and is hard to clean in the restaurant environment. But there are several types of stainless steel used for flatware: 18/10, 18/8, and 18/0. The first number says how much chrome is in the steel, which is the important part to make steel stainless. The second number is how much nickel is in there as well. Nickle softens the shine of the chrome to make it look more like silver. The higher the nickel percentage, the more silver-like the flatware looks.

Then there is how the pieces are made. They could be poured from molds (hollow handled), stamped, or forged. Each category is heavier than the one proceeding. Which weight you choose is a matter of choice, though very light pieces of flatware may feel flimsy and low-quality compared to heavier ones.

Style, weight, and material are the key features to look for when choosing flatware or silverware. For more information, check out our utensils page.

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