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How to build your brunch business

As the cooler months come around we know that there a want for hearty, warm and delicious foods. Many of our consumers tend to indulge more and be slightly more care free about calorie counting. Many times you find consumers willing to spend extended periods of time in restaurants, resulting in bigger per person spending! One of the most opportunistic times for restaurants to see this happen is during brunch hours. Now of course not every restaurant is designed to serve all-day breakfast, but everyone loves a great brunch.

This being said, if orchestrate properly weekend brunch business can greatly increase your profits and when marketed correctly by experts you will be ale to see a steady growth o brunch visits on Saturdays and Sundays. This marketing can be executed by a strong social media presence and online reviews that pursue consumers to take photos and become interactive with the restaurant of choice.

To be proactive and see an increase in your establishments brunch crowed, heighten consumers knowledge over your computers and become the place to “brunch” we have come up with a few tricks that will help you grow a loyal audience.

1 - Give them something they can't get anywhere else- Let your consumers know they can only get certain items if they choose to dine with you. Drive them to want to dine with you and make them want what you have!

2 - Make guests feel like a star. Let your guests feel like they control the show. Feature them on social media, tag their post and make them feel as though they are just as important to you as the table seated next to them.

3 - Offer craveable promotions. Do some research to make sure you’re providing brunch specials that guests crave. Every area is different, every guest is different. Showcase items that your consumers will fall in love with and thin about all week!

4 - Be generous with the pours. Do not be afford to offer amazing drink special. Weekends are a time that consumers are willing to spend a little more and drink a little more. Offer a generous portion of cocktail favorites and even introduce your guests to new ones they may not have though about before.

5 - Never assume guests know you offer brunch. As in any line of work, do not assume your guests know you have brunch! Talk to them, offer information readily available online and social media and always talk about how wonderful it would be to have them back this weekend! It is incredible to see how consumers act when they feel that you are personally inviting them back to your restaurant!

We hope this helps and we can’t wait to see all the delectable recipes you come up with!

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