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How do you like your Mashed Potatoes?

The other day, one of our coworkers was driving back from running an errand and described the search for fast food mashed potatoes. That got us to thinking about one of the trends in foodservice where people are starting to want simple once again, rather than having all of the bells and whistles.

There are a few places to get good mashed potatoes. Back in college, some of our coworkers used to thrive on the mashed potatoes from KFC. They’re smooth and have this odd tasting gravy with them. It was always the picnic sized that got people’s attention – as they used to last for two meals rather than one.

Tastes have matured a bit. Now, there’s a local grocery store that has some of the best mashed potatoes. You can get a pound for about $3.25, hot and ready to eat with a little gravy on top. The best part about these ‘homestyle’ mashed potatoes is that it really seems like they were made at home, lumps and all.

There are other places out there, for sure. We turn our eyes toward the excellent Southern buffets that have mashed potatoes on them as a standard. Those taters are hit or miss, but when they’re on, they’re absolutely fantastic.

So, what type of mashed potatoes do you like to blend for your customers using the Robot Coupe blender? Are you a fan of the super-smooth, or would you prefer to have a few lumps along the way?

2015-11-13 00:00:00
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