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How do You Get Diners? Go Back to Basics

How do you get people to come to your restaurant?  Is there some sort of magic formula of advertising and word of mouth that people aren’t getting?  Well, we’re firm believers in fundamentals.  Start with the basics and move on from there.

  1. Have great quality product

The food that you prepare has to be of the best quality, prepared in the best manner that you know how.  A successful advertising campaign will temporarily bring patrons in, but if the food stinks they won’t come back.

  1. Quality customer service standards

A July 2014 study of the top customer complaints for restaurants found that impolite or condescending servers ranked in the top three.  With proper training in customer service skills and laying down the right expectations, that quality level can be reached.

  1. Cleaning and Hygiene Programs

The other two complaints out of the top three were dirty utensils or table or dirty or ill-equipped restrooms.  This means that having a clean restaurant, one which feels good to be in, is of the utmost importance *before* the advertising and the website.

  1. Back of House Cleaning

When the kitchen doors open, the customers can see inside.  They’ll notice the dirt on the holding cabinet.  They’ll notice the grime on the microwave.  They’ll also notice the smudges on the walk-in door.  Wiping it down after a long day of cooking saves hassles in the morning.

By going back to basics, you’re laying a solid foundation to make your restaurant wildly popular through social media and word of mouth.

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