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Hotel Chains Become Even More Green

Going green is everyone’s responsibility, including those who are in the hotel industry. There are several things that the larger hotels are doing which are making them a bit more green for their consumers.

Big changes are happening to reduce the greenhouse gases that hotels are producing. The Starwood hotel chain is working on improving its own greenery by switching their restaurants over to local items and introducing more and more biodegradable materials into their luxury resorts.

One of the big things that we’re loving is the fact that they’re placing filtered water dispensers right near the ice machines to help people reuse their plastic bottles. Even the robes are made from recycled materials. This is happening at Hyatt in Kauai.

For those who are concerned about their ice machines, one can switch over to the Energy Star certified ice machines which use less water and less energy than the non-Energy Star machines. It’s very refreshing to see that the green movement is catching on everywhere.

When you’re at your favorite hotel, see if they’ve undertaken any green initiatives. You might be pleasantly surprised that they’re taking their green into their own hands by installing the equipment which will make them more sustainable in the future.

Here is more information about hotels going green.

2015-08-01 00:00:00
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