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Home Made vs. Packaged Ice

A refreshing, cool drink is essential whether you’re relaxing, or throwing a sophisticated party. Different ice cubes do have specific tastes and ice cubes can have an impact on whether or not you keep and enjoy a drink or throw it away. So, where do you go for your ice needs? Do you get your ice straight out of your refrigerator? There are plenty of options at your disposal!

Home Made

Ice made in your refrigerator is a convenient source of ice, but it’s not always the best! Water quality, taste, and speed are all factors that are affected by where your ice comes from. If your neighborhood has water with a funny taste or other impurities, you’re going to taste that in your ice. Also, new refrigerators can emit a plastic odor, which will get into your ice, and unforunately, refrigerators aren’t efficient when making ice for a large group of people as it takes time to generate a large amount of ice.

Portable Ice Makers

Have no fear - you don’t just have to rely on your refrigerator to provide ice. However, there are some limitations to portable ice machines. Portable ice machines don’t have unlimited access to water, so you have to pay attention and refill it. Portable ice machines also can’t hold the ice once it’s generated and the ice will begin to melt if you don’t move it.

Packaged Ice

You can buy packaged ice at grocery stores, but you don’t always know where the ice is coming from. You run a higher risk of ingesting ice with bacteria, and there's no way for you to know how long the ice has been sitting around. The longer ice sits around, the higher the risk it has of becoming contaminated.

Making and purchasing ice may not be high on your list of things to worry about, but you should take into account where your ice is coming from and the quality. You don’t want to consume contaminated ice, or ice with a bad taste!

2020-02-07 00:00:00
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