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Healthy Menu Options

Balanced diet, healthy food concept

We have all heard the facts, preparing meals at home is not only good for your health but, wallet. The general population is consciously thinking about each meal they consume and it is our job to analyze ways to keep customers happy and satisfied with each bite. With minimal free time and other priorities taking up space in schedules ( long hours at work, significant other, keeping in touch with family, maybe even working out) spending out or even minutes in the kitchen is not an option for customers and if we are able to provide health conscious meals, we will be able to attract and retain a large customer base. Nearly all restaurants have the capabilities to allow their patrons make healthier eating choices. By allowing your clients to chose the options best fitting to their lifestyle, as an owner you are able to increase the connection customers feel towards your brand and allow them to see that eat out can be a healthy and enjoyable treat. Here are a few tips which will allow your customers to customize their dining experience positive.

1. Allow your guests to ask for it their way

2. Ask guests if they want the bread basket- not everyone wants bread, you can decrease food cost by unwanted, such as the bread basket by simply asking if the guest wants it

3. Allow for healthy substitutes- if they want three times the vegetables, allow them to vegetables

4. Ask how the guest would like the meal prepare- do not automatically assume that everyone wants their fish fried

5. Offer healthier cooking oils- avocado oil, coconut oil and sunflower oil

6. Offer speciality drinks with less sugary options

7. Offer seasonal options that will intrigue your guests taste buds

It may not always be the easiest option to allow your customer the freedom of healthy options, but it will make your customers satisfied. When a customer feels in control they are likely going to appreciate the brand, promote the brand and become true advocate of the services you offer. Be a little out there, take a few extra minutes to allow your customers to get what they want and truly listen to what they want! You will be astonished with the end results.

2016-08-03 00:00:00
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