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Happy New Year, Time for Maintenance Checks!

Happy New Year! It’s already the fourth day, and we’re sure that you’re still keeping up with your resolutions. If you want to keep your restaurant running smoothly, we might suggest putting ‘maintenance check’ on the list of things to do. Just in case, of course.

If your reach-in refrigerator and freezer are making noises that you can’t identify, it’s time to give your maintenance tech a call (or, make sure that your favorite handyman chef is coming in). They can get it working again, and keep you out of hot water with the health department.

Sometimes, though, it’s that time. Time to pick up a new Empura Solid Door Reach in Refrigerator or Freezer. These machines really perform, and the warranty that you’ll get with them make sure that you’ll have cool stuff for years on end.

The second thing to think about, other than checking for the noises, is to make sure that the seals of your reach-in fridge are up to snuff. If the seal is broken or if you’re seeing wear and tear around the edges, you’re going to have to replace it – you shouldn’t simply let it go for another time.

Going from seals and noises, might as well clean it to make sure that there are no leaks in the lines. With time, leaks get worse and these types of issues are best solved when they’re small. While you might need a new reach-in refrigerator for your place, it’s always better than running the risk of getting shut down.

2016-01-05 00:00:00
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