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Grilling Doesn't Always Remove Fat

We were reading an article yesterday which talked about the secret dangers of grilling, and it got us  thinking. Are there dangers of grilling that we don’t know about? And, truth be told, the only really dangerous thing about grilling itself is setting things on fire.

The real gist of the article was that the foods that you might be putting on the grill are fatty, and they’re remain so even if you don’t deep fry them or pan fry them. So, a hot dog that has fat will still be pretty fatty once you take it off of the fire.

There is no secret formula that will remove calories, fats, and sugars from a grilled dish other than burning it or using foods that have fewer calories. You would do well, however, to clean your grill on a regular basis – preferably after the grill has cooled down. You’ll have a lot less hassle, cleaner food, and fewer carcinogens that way.

So, deep fried oreos with a panko crust covered in whipped cream and then sealed in a dough shell… then grilled… is not going to remove the calories, the fat, or the carbohydrates from the meal. It’s just going to add little lines on the outside.

2015-06-27 00:00:00
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