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Going out to Eat... at Ikea?

Ikea works hard to make their experience relevant to the dining world. They envision their perfect customer, Sarah, stepping into the restaurant after a hard day of shopping. Stop in, get a few Swedish meatballs that might have been stored in the True reach in refrigerators.

The restaurant part of the furniture store received an 8 percent boost to their sales this past year. They are also reaping the rewards of increased foot traffic to their restaurant over the furniture areas of the stores.

There are many folks who set foot inside the Ikea stores just to eat. They want to have the contents of those True reach in refrigerators prepared just for them. And, in response to the increase, Ikea has decided to make the experience more diner friendly.

There are three areas being created in the restaurants. One is for the grab-and-go sort who wants to just grab a meal. The second has activities for children. The third is intended to be more like a coffee house so that diners can chat with friends and enjoy each other’s company.

Included will be more information about sustainability of the food as well as slight tweaks in the menu. This revamping of the Ikea restaurants is expected to bring even more diners… and maybe they’ll stay for the furniture.

2016-02-10 00:00:00
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