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Getting your Patio Fall Ready

Patios are HUGE revenue boosters for restaurants, but now the colder weather is moving in—a little early, so it’s time to start thinking about how to equip your restaurant patio for the cold. No one wants to sit outside to eat if they’re cold, so how can you make changes to your patio so that it’s still accessible during the fall? Obviously, extreme weather will shut your patio down, but before the snow comes I’ve got some tips for how to maximize the time you have left with your patio:

Heating Equipment

There is plenty of heating equipment out there for you to buy to keep your patio cozy. Propane heaters are a viable option because for all those concerned with safety out there, they are cool to the touch and have safety controls, allowing customers and servers to move by with ease. Tents are another option that can ward off winter a little longer and are cheaper than adding a permanent addition to your restaurant. These may seem a little pricey, but over time these investments will pay off!


Just like a moth to a flame, fireplaces will draw in customers. People love a fireplace (or fire pit), and the cozy atmosphere it provides! In the case that you might not want to have your staff worry about tending to the fire, you can purchase a “fake” fireplace—you know those infrared space heaters that people have in their homes that still give off heat.

Seasonal Specials

Mixing up the menu is the perfect way to attract customers, especially if some of those specials are specific to your patio. People will be impressed that you can pull off keeping your patio open in the cold weather and as an added bonus, you can provide them with special drinks or dishes to keep them even warmer!

Just because the colder weather is coming, doesn’t mean that you have to shut down your moneymaking patio. We want you to keep your patio open as long as you can, and so do your customers—as long as you make it warm and cozy!

2019-09-04 00:00:00
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