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Getting the Cleanest Silverware

Your restaurant silverware might not be getting the cleaning that it needs to get the gasteroenteritis-causing germs off of it. Running your dishes and restaurant silverware through the dishwasher might not yield the optimal results, either. Who wants to eat with a "clean" fork with spots? What can you do to ensure that your patrons are getting the cleanest silverware?


Prewashing your silverware before running it through your dishwasher may be just the trick to getting it ultimately clean. You see, when food sticks to the forks, knives, and spoons, it makes it a bit harder to get off the stainless steel surface. Food nurtures bacteria. If you're finding food stuck on your silverware even after running it through the wash, it's time to prewash, and maybe get your dishwasher serviced too.

Insist on clean towels

This one seems to be a no brainer, but there are occasionally servers running around with dirty towels which they then use to spread germs and bacteria to all of the surfaces which they touch. If you’re spotting that your servers aren’t being clean, talk with them, as cleanliness affects not only your diner’s health, but the health of the restaurant. All polishing should be done with super-clean towels!

It’s always good to keep your eye out for unclean practices which can be corrected. We realize that as restaurant managers, you’re having to make sure that everything is in ship-shape for your patrons.

It’s good practice to do a deep cleaning of the restaurant, but daily cleaning makes for less work when you’re breaking down everything.

2016-01-27 00:00:00
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