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Get Ready for Summertime - Visit Our Water Filter Store!

     Sweet summertime, just around the corner - right? Well, maybe not. For many regions of the United States, summer feels like a distant dream. With all the cold weather, blizzards, and roads that should be plowed more frequently, the last thing that most of us want to think about is ice. This week on the blog, we’re stopping in at our water filter store to see how you can get the purest source of drinking water for the upcoming warmer temps (hopefully).

     First up, reverse osmosis water filters. Reverse osmosis water filters work by using a high pressure pump to increase the pressure on the salt side of the reverse osmosis and force the water across the semipermeable membrane, which leaves 95% of dissolved salts behind. What does this mean? Every time you use this system, you’re drinking water that’s 95% pure from dissolved salts. These filters are truly amazing, and can be applied to beverages like espresso, coffee, and steamers. The Everpure High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis System is intended for foodservice, and is great for problem water areas. It also reduces chlorine taste and odor that can adversely affect the taste of water and beverages. You can shop this item here.

    Another great filtration system is the steam table filter. These systems are used for high temperature steam misting to keep foods hot. Steam tables are used by hotels, buffets, cafeterias, and anyone else who needs to lay out a delicious spread of food for a large group of guests. Our steam table filter has a 150 gallon per day capacity, has a 4.8/5 rating on our website, and is available for financing for as low as $35/month. Check this item out here.

    If you’re in the ice machine industry, you understand how important having a good filtration system that you can rely on is. There’s nothing worse than having customers available but a broken water filtration system. You can trust Ice Machines with all of your filtration needs, and the best part is that - everything ships for free! Visit our website for all your filtration needs.

2019-03-13 00:00:00
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