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How to Gain Local Loyalty For Your Restaurant

We talked yesterday about 3 ways to develop customer loyalty in your restaurant.  One of the ways that we highlighted was to go local by offering a local product as a promotional item or along with the food.  Today, we’re going to delve a little more into local promotions.

By focusing on local businesses, entrepreneurs, and products, you are strengthening the bonds between your local restaurant and the community which is going to buy from it.  At the heart of any of your promotions, marketing techniques, or collaborations, you’re going to have to have an outstanding product.

Highlight Local Customers

We all want to feel like we’re part of something bigger than what we are.  By highlighting the local customers who come into your establishment, you’re getting the opportunity to learn, network, and grow with those customers.  It gives potentially new customers the hopes that they might be up on that ‘wall of fame’ as well.

Craft Beers

After reading how craft brewers are now beating out the big beer breweries, it got me to wondering about what we could do as local restaurants to discover them.  You see, the logic says that if we go local, we’re providing more local jobs to the community – but it’s more than that.  It’s about local pride.  It’s about showing that our area (no matter what area that is) is better.  Or, it might be a simple way to highlight that new double direct draw beer dispenser you just got.

Get Involved With Networking Meetings

Business owners and entrepreneurs are constantly going to business meetings.  You can find them on and other places.  If the food was good when I went, I brought friends back to show them the neat place that I’d found.

If you’ve got a neat place, what’s to say that you can’t offer yourself up as a place to have local business meetings?  You’ll curry favor with the locals, have a chance to advertise a little bit, and justify the cost of being open at an odd hour all at the same time.

Or, Maybe Local Charities

This goes back to the thought that we want to feel like we’re a part of something bigger than ourselves.  By hooking up with a local charity and a cause that you believe in, you’re cultivating good feelings and loyalty with those in your community.  Sponsor something, make yourself known.  People appreciate businesses that stand for something.

Play Local Music Instead of Muzak

We know that you’re not Starbucks (they created their own music label), but we know that no matter where you are, there are a bevy of local bands and musicians who are just waiting for a chance to perform.  Do you have a CD of local artists that you can play on the PA?

This is a way of developing loyalty because you might get a chance to become the go-to place for local music or perhaps a local vendor of CDs.  It depends on the type of restaurant that you’re running, of course.

It’s all about the local these days.  Are you doing what you can to generate some loyalty within your establishment by doing your part for the local loyalty scene?  If you give to the community, that community gives back in the form of profits and adoration.

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