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Furnishing your Restaurant

Planning the opening of a new restaurant, or even rebranding and refurnishing your current one can prove to be a difficult task. You would assume that it might be easy and might even be a bit fun (depends on who you ask—we’re not all interior decorators), but it can prove to be a daunting task.  We're here to provide you with some tips! 


Atmosphere is important and certain colors and environments can complement your menu better. Once you decide the theme or vision of your restaurant, you need to keep that consistent across everything inside your restaurant because this reinforces your brand and what you want to convey about your restaurant to customers. If you’re not great with interior design, stick to neutral colors (black, white, tan, etc.). Sticking to the same colors and theme will reinforce your brand.


Even if your restaurant and business thrives on sophistication and elegance, you still want to make sure your customers are comfortable. If you’re a quick-serve restaurant, you can forego comfort for wooden or metal chairs without sacrificing your customer base, but if you’re a sit-down dinner restaurant, you want to make sure your furniture is comfortable for the amount of time your customers spend there. Uncomfortable furniture can result in the turning down of the dessert menu and less glasses of wine!


At first when buying furniture for your restaurant, you might opt for the cheaper options, but you need to think of the future and how well the furniture can be cleaned and how durable it is. Wear and tear happens very quickly in popular restaurants (more so than at your own kitchen table), and then you’ll have to keep spending money to replace it.

There are so many great options for furnishing your restaurant, but being smart about what you buy is important in building a successful restaurant. Check out the variety of furniture we have on our website:!


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