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Fun Stuff with Escargot

It’s Friday, which means that it’s time to pay more attention to the finer things in life.  There’s truffles, there’s foie gras, and then there’s escargot.  The French eat 40,000 tons of snails per year, and have brought the tradition over to the many French restaurants and eateries.

Traditionally, the snails are killed and cooked with garlic, butter, or wine, then put back into their shells for eating.  They’re usually served to diners in their shells on a special escargot plate, one which has indentations for holding each individual snail.

Because of its popularity, people are setting up escargot businesses all over the world.  The space needed for farming snails is quite small, and the demand is higher – especially in more urban areas.  If you can find space for some flowerbeds, you can raise some snails.

Escargot eating supplies are fairly easy to find.  You need a little fork to dig the snails out of their shells, as well as tongs to transport them, but other than that, it’s no more troublesome than eating other shelled creatures.  You end up wrestling more with crawfish than you do with escargot.

Here’s something fun.  It’s kids tasting escargot for the first time, as well as their reactions to it.  It made us laugh, so we thought that we’d pass it on to you.

It never hurts to give new cuisine a shot.  When done well, escargot is truly the delicacy that it’s hyped up to be.

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