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Frozen Treats in your True Freezer

We’re of the firm belief that delicious frozen treats should be offered any time of the year – not just during the summer months. In fact, you can put all kinds of things into your True freezer. Restaurants are dipping into their ice cream stashes for gingerbread shakes. They’re spicing up the frozen custard and putting it together with whipped cream. How about some of the peppermint treats? A recent stop by Steak and Shake made us smile with the peppermint shards in the shake.

Other places are using their True freezer to create gelato and sorbets. Hand-crafting your frozen treats means that you have the opportunity to increase the bottom line. White chocolate peppermint, a little Grand Marnier, and maybe some cranberry-orange flavors make for a Yuletide delight.

What about freezing some bananas and dipping them in chocolate? That makes for a wonderful seasonal treat which has fewer calories than your traditional ice creams. Maybe you’re feeling it for iced coffee or frozen fruits instead?

There are plenty of things that you can freeze and serve to your adoring public this time of year. Use your imagination to come up with a tasty and sweet winter treat for your customers. You can even forego the pumpkin spice!

2015-12-12 00:00:00
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