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Frose - the newest cocktail craze


Frose - The Delightful Frozen Rose If you pay attention social media, even just slightly, you have with out a doubt seen people go absolutely crazy about the warm weather drink- Frose, or frozen rose. It is officially the most delicious ( and hand down most adorable) drink of the 2016 summer season. If you can imagine the perfect drink to appreciate the sunshine, great food and friends then you are going to love having Frose on your menu. And with the crazy heat wave it may be one of our last hopes to remain cool and enjoy some vino.

We can thank Bar Primi in NYC for inventing this genius cocktail that was simply borne from the simple curiosity about what rose were to be put into a slushy machine. Whats wonderful is that you won’t need an expensive blender, or ice-cream machine for this summer treat, you will only need a bottle of bold, fruity rose. Important to note that you will want to stay away from clear rose, the best for this cocktail will be a bold Pinot Noir or Merlot rose, the aggressive roses that are full bodied and bold. You must make sure the wine is bold because, it loses flavor once it is frozen. Once you have your chosen the bottle for your frose,you will also need to secure- vermouth, lemons, sugar and strawberries. Once all your ingredients are in place, take sheet pans and pour your rose on them so that you can freeze it. While your rose is chilling, prepare a berry simple syrup, you can choose what ever flavor/color is your favorite.

Once the rose is frozen, take the shards, simple syrup, and lemon juice and blend together. Lemon juice is KEY to maintaining balanced flavor profiles for your Frose. Now, take your blended goodness and pour into a champagne class and garnish with fresh strawberries. One of these cocktails will surely not be enough so once one round leaves the bar, tell your bartenders to start a second round. This may just be the rose talking but, it is clear that this drink will be an instant summer classic and will make your bar the place during these warm summer evenings. Cheers! And enjoy your FROSE.

2016-08-02 00:00:00
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