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From Scratch or From a Can?

Restaurant kitchens, large or small, are amazing. At the heart of those kitchens is the restaurant equipment, and having the right equipment for the job is imperative. Think about large Italian restaurants, for instance. They need to have the right firepower to make their dishes perfect every time. Only professional equipment will do!

While there are a lot of restaurants out there who love to have food suppliers ship in cans and cans of sauce that they merely doctor, the Old Spaghetti Factory refuses. They insist on making their sauces from scratch, using three huge steam kettles to get things done.

Imagine making up to 100 gallons of sauce in a Southbend steam kettle! That’s a LOT of tomatoes and spices. Especially if there are three of them working simultaneously. We bet that it gets rather hot in the kitchen! But, the results of cooking such huge batches of sauce from scratch is that one knows the ingredients that go into it – unlike the mystery of what you’ll find in a can. We can only imagine the amount of bread that gets cooked to go along with it, also made from scratch.

How does your restaurant cook its food? Do you start with the can opener, or do you make everything that you can from scratch?

2015-09-11 00:00:00
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