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Fried Food for Any Meal with Empura

Fried food can be a part of any meal, be it appetizers, entrees, or dessert. Just dip whatever your heart’s desire is into an expertly-made batter, then drop it into the freestanding Liquid Propane Empura EMSF-40 Stainless Steel Floor Fryer, and you’ll have a deep fried masterpiece in just a few minutes.

A little while ago, we talked about some of the deep fried food that you can find at fairs, but examples of your DFF is everywhere. It hangs out in all of the restaurants – from your favorite barbeque restaurant and their deep fried pickles to the deep fried tempura ice cream of the high end Japanese place.

Truth is, if you’re feeling creative enough, you can deep fry anything. There have been examples of deep-fried jellybeans to deep-fried scorpions and everything in between. You’ll have to tell us how those deep fried jellybeans turned out in the end – it sounds fascinating, though we’re afraid they’ll turn into a strange muck.

Do your chefs have time to experiment in the kitchen? Remember that there were tons of things that have landed on the menu which started out as crazy experiments. Who knows? You might find a way to really do those deep fried Twinkies right. We’re definitely in favor of experimentation in the kitchen.

2015-08-11 00:00:00
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